Pink Fluffy Pussycats alliance

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Pink Fluffy Pussycats alliance

Post  Spartacus Maximus on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:23 pm

Ok some of you may already know this...

I've been approached by a member of Dante's Productions, asking me since our corp is like a mirror of theirs if we would like to join their alliance. Some of you may be asking off all alliances why would we join theirs...

1. - Since they also hang around Bania, we'd have some info regarding can flippers, roaming around that or other systems.
2. - I didn't want for us to join any alliance that would put us our corp at risk, wars and enemies wise.
3. - Didn't want us to join in one that would need our corp members focus of help towards any war or any way of down payment to be in it. (a null sec alliance of example)
4. - They seem to have some knowledge about industry and it might be of some advantages for us in a near future.
5. - They seem peaceful enough for us to continue our activities without any change of what we are currently doing.

Has for it's name... I know is a bit queer... *sigh* but I'm hoping they will change it some day... I really don't like it either...

Spartacus Maximus

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Re: Pink Fluffy Pussycats alliance

Post  Fattila on Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:06 pm

I agree with you on the name Max Very Happy But I say go for it anyway.

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